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Live, From Munich!

July 19, 2009
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So after a hiatus of sorts I am back to blogging.  I am currently in Munich for an internship and most of my free time will be spent in the kitchen.  Sadly, my apartment is not outfitted very well so I have decided to make the best of it and use these next six week to just sort of experiment with flavors and textures and sort of check my culinary inhibition at the door.  I cannot promise everything will be good but that is sort of the point right now: conceptualize a dish, cooking it, and then write about what went right and what could be improved upon.


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Mahi Mahi with a Whatever-Was-In-The-Cupboard Glaze

April 29, 2009
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So last week I was at Wholefoods browsing the seafood. I tend to by all my fish at Wholefoods. Trader Joes is great an all but something about flash frozen seafood or the farm raised, hormone injected rubbish at Met and Morton Williams doesn’t do it for me. So anyways, I was in Wholefoods and the Mahi Mahi caught my eye so I bought a 1 lb fillet. A white fish found in the tropics and commonly identified with Hawaiian cooking, this guy was prime for some seasoning. Some fish, such as salmon, are great with just a light brushing of butter and lemon or garlic and butter, but that is because fish like the salmon pack more flavor then the Mahi Mahi. The density and blandness of the Mahi Mahi almost beg for one to paint it up with something packed full of flavor. So that is what I did. I went to cupboard and took out only 6 ingredients: honey, soy sauce, a lime, 2 cloves of garlic, chili powder and pepper. I zested the lime and set that aside for later. In a small cup a mixed together the honey, lime juice and soy sauce. You got to test it along the way to make sure nothing over powers everything else. You should be able to taste the saltiness of the soy sauce, the sweetness of the honey and the bitterness of the lime all at once. Then add in the garlic, minced is best. Finally add the chili powder to taste. If you don’t like spice food, don’t add a lot. The nice thing about the chili powder is it wont over power your fish with spice but it will leave a nice, subtle kick at the end of a bite. When you are about to bake the fish, brush the glaze over the fish, covering the whole surface. Next use the lime zest from earlier and sprinkle that over the fish and top it off with a light dusting of fresh ground black pepper. Bake the fish on 375 for 12-15 minutes. Check to see if the fish flakes easily. If so, it is done. If not, leave it in for another few minutes. This is really good served with some sort of a spiced up rice dish or just some mixed vegetables. Be creative. That is half to fun of cooking anyways.

Roasted Chicken with Smoked Gouda and Apple

April 21, 2009
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Wholefoods has this sandwich, its the roast chicken with smoked Gouda and apple.  It comes cold or warm on a whole grain roll.  Along with the aforementioned fixings, the sandwich also boasts lettuce, tomato and some sort of a Dijon mustard.  This sandwich is bloody amazing.  It plays well with sweet vs spicy, a tug of war i find myself particularly interested in.  The crisp sweetness of the apple is appropriately balanced by the subtle use of a spice Dijon.  All the while the more traditional sandwich fixings of a meat, cheese and veggies.  All in all this is a very simple sandwich which creates a more complex flavor combination through the simple use of some basic ingredients.  If you happen to find yourself strolling through Wholefoods all the while being a bit famished go ahead and try one of these wonderful sandwiches.

Hello world!

April 20, 2009
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